1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primer G3 Spray Can 400g

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1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primer is supplied ready for use in an easy to use Aerosol. This product is ideal for use over a variety of substrates on rub through areas and small spot repairs, it can be used as a wet on wet primer or dried and sanded prior to topcoating with GRS, Delfleet, Cobra, 2K or Envirobase HP. The product is available in four shades of grey: G3-G5-G6-G7.

Thoroughly clean & abrade the substrate to be painted using the recommended PPG wax & grease remover products and procedures. Sand or abrade the substrate using P400 dry abrasive or using a fine Mirlon pad.
> Repeat the cleaning process as shown above.

1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primer can be applied over suitably prepared:

- Original sound OEM paint finishes.
- Bare Metal after sanding and degreasing.
- Aluminium after scuffing and degreasing.
- Galvanised & zinc coated steel after scuffing and degreasing.
- Polyester bodyfillers after sanding.
- GRP Fibreglass after sanding and degreasing.

- Do not apply 1K Epoxy Rub Thru primer over spraying enamel & acrylic lacquer.
- Do not apply 1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primer under polyester bodyfiller.

Application Guide Shaking Shake the can gently for a few seconds until the agitator can be heard moving freely inside the can.

- Mixing Ratio Supplied ready for Use - No Need to Mix.
- Number of Coats 1 - 2 coats
- Spray distance 20-30 cm from panel
- Drying Times Air Dry @ 20 - 30 Minutes @ 20C before sanding
- Sanding P500 Grit dry or P800 Grit wet.
- Topcoating GRS, Delfleet, Cobra, 2K or Envirobase HP. 

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