One Shot Primer Filler 1 Litre

One Shot Primer Filler 1 Litre


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A high build premium acrylic lacquer primer filler with excellent topcoat holdout and easy sanding.

Fast-build and good adhesion make it ideal for use as a spot repair primer filler, particularly over thermoplastic acrylic (TPA).

Number of Coats: 2-4 full even coats.

Flash Off at 20oC. Primer Filler: 6-9 mins at 25oC. Primer Surfacer: 5-7 mins at 25oC.

Drying Times: Air Dry @ 20oC. Primer Filler: 40-50 minutes at 25oC. Primer Surfacer: 30-40 minutes at 25oC. For best results dry overnight. Air drying times will need to be extended under cooler conditions. Seek further advice before spraying.