Premium 1K Primer Filler 1 Litre

Sale price$60.00


A high build premium acrylic lacquer primer filler with excellent topcoat holdout and easy sanding.

Fast-build and good adhesion make it ideal for use as a spot repair primer filler, particularly over thermoplastic acrylic (TPA).

Premium 1K Primer Filler can be applied over suitably prepared: 1K CF Etch Primer; Sound existing TPA paint finishes which have been degreased with Prepsol and sanded with P240-P320 dry; Fibreglass (GRP) after removing mould release agent using Bodykleen, degreasing with Prepsol and sanding with P400 dry; Polyester body fillers, nitrocellulose and acrylic putties.

Number of Coats: 2-4 full even coats.

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