Autothane 1K Primer Filler 1 Litre

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A high build lacquer primer filler with good holdout and easy sanding. It can be thinned for use as a filler or primer surfacer, and is suitable for use in bodyshop car refinishing. Ideal for top coating with Dulon Acrylic lacquer. 

Products and Additives:
Two Way Thinner 921-00251

Mixing Ratio by Volume:
Autothane 1K Primer 4 parts (Filler mode) | 2 parts (Surfacer mode) 
Two Way Thinner 1 Part

Substrate Preparation:
Autothane Primer Filler can be applied over suitably prepared:

  • Steel after degreasing with Prepsol and conditioning with Deoxidine 624.
  • Sound existing paint finishes which have been degreased with prepsol and sanded with P240- P320 dry.
  • Fibreglass (GRP) after removing mould release agent using bodykleen, degreasing with prepsol and sanding with P400 dry.
  • Polyester body fillers and putties.

Substrates other than those stated should be tested before use, to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for its intended use.

Spray Gun and Pressure:

Conventional HVLP
Gravity Feed 1.6 - 2.0mm 1.8 - 2.2mm
350 - 400 kPa 70 kPa at cap (10psi)
Suction Feed 1.8 - 2.2mm
300 - 380 kPa

Number of Coats: Apply 2-4 full even coats

Flash off Time:
Primer Surfacer: 5-7 minutes between coats @ 25'C.
Primer Filler: 6-9 minutes between coats @ 25'C.

NOTE: Allow previous coat to dull before reapplying. High builds will result in longer flash times

Drying Times: Air Dry:
Primer Surfacer: 30-40 minutes at 25'C
Primer Filler: 50-60 minutes at 25'C 

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