ZP Primer Black 1 Litre

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Industrial ZP Primer is an air-dry, quick drying, anti-corrosive primer. It is recommended for use on structural steel, industrial equipment, machinery and metal fabrications. It is quick, easy to use and has great metal protection. Customers use as a holding primer for structural steelwork, metal equipment and machinery. Can be left uncoated or top coated with any icoat enamel topcoat.

Quick-dry primer, multi substrate compatibility, air dry and wet on wet capability, excellent application properties, excellent adhesion, good flow and appearance, may be left untopcoated.

Ideal Use:
Drying Time @ 25oC: To Touch-10 minutes; To Handle-30 minutes; To Topcoat-30 minutes; To Full Cure -Approx 7 days.

Coverage: 16 sq metres/litre. For conventional spraying: apply 1-2 even wet coats. May be brushed in small areas. Allow 5 minutes flash off in between coats. 

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