Epoxy Urethane Primer 1 Litre

Epoxy Urethane Primer 1 Litre


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410-48248 Epoxy Urethane Primer is a two component adhesion promoting epoxy urethane primer designed to be used over bare metal surfaces under polyester spray and body fillers to protect against corrosion. It also has excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. It should be used whenever optimum corrosion protection is required.

By volume: Epoxy Urethane Primer 8 parts; Hardener 1 part; 1-2 Thinner

Application: 1-2 full, wet, even coats allowing flash-off between coats. 20-35 microns dry film build. 5 minutes between coats @ 25oC. 25 minutes @ 25oC before over coating.