1K CT Etch Primer Black 1 Litre

1K CT Etch Primer Black 1 Litre


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CT Etch Primers are single component, chromate free, general purpose acid etching, airdry primers. They are recommended for use in Commercial Transport vehicle and component painting. They have good adhesion and give corrosion protection to a variety of substrates. These include aluminium, steel, galvanised steel and speciality steel substrates such as Zincalume and Zinanneal.


  • One pack chromate free product
  • Multi-substrate compatibility
  • Acid etching characteristics
  • Air dry and wet-on-wet capability
  • Excellent application properties
  • Based on tough epoxy resin
  • Multi-topcoat compatibility

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Easy to use, less harmful product
  • One product required/reduced stock holding
  • Good adhesion to a range of substrates 
  • High productivity and topcoat holdout
  • Good coverage, flow and appearance 
  • Good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties
  • Use under 1K (DULON and Enamels) & 2K topcoats

Substrates: Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised steel, Aluminium, Fibreglass (GRP), Sound existing original finishes.