GMH Flat Black 4 Litre

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GMH Flat Black is a factory package colour which complements the Dulon range. This product is ideal for use under wheel arches and under car bodies as a finishing touch for cars before leaving a shop. It is also suitable for exterior use in areas such as door frames, grille black outs, etc.

Gloss readings will be approx. 25GU @ 60degrees. As a 1K product, it is quick and easy to use and produces a high quality matt lacquer finish.

GMH Flat Black can be applied over any PPG acrylic lacquer primer and over suitably prepared original sound paint finishes; except spraying enamel.

GMH Flat Black 4 parts; Thinner 1 part.

Drying Times: Air Dry @ 20oC for 1-2 hours.

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