Deoxidine 5 Litre

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DEOXIDINE 624 is a phosphoric acid and solvent type metal cleaner and conditioner designed for manual application, which removes rust, destroys rusting agents and leaves the metal surface chemically clean and ready for painting. 

It does not contain rust preventatives, so unless post treated with a neutralising chemical, the surface should be painted as soon as possible after treatment (preferably within four hours.) It may be used on most metals; with the exception of cadmium, zinc and magnesium, as these are susceptible to rapid chemical attack by acids.

DEOXIDINE 624 is diluted 2-3 times with water (to give a 25-33% solution), depending on the degree of rust present.


I. Apply the diluted DEOXIDINE 624 solution liberally by rag or brush, working over small areas at a time. Scour if necessary, with steel wool to remove heavy rust.

II. Do not allow the DEOXIDINE solution to dry out. Remove by wiping off thoroughly with a clean, damp rag, and immediately wipe completely dry with a second rag.

III. It is recommended that crevices, lap joints and seams be air blown to remove the DEOXIDINE 624 solution prior to painting. Wipe up any spatters with a clean rag.

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