DC501 OptiCLEAR 5 Litre

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Deltron DC501 OptiCLEAR is a premium quality polyurethane clearcoat specifically formulated to give optimum gloss and durability when low-baked. It is designed for the repair and respray of motor vehicles as part of a basecoat/clearcoat repair process. The performance of OptiCLEAR in a recommended PPG repair system meets or exceeds motor manufacturer warranty requirements and the Deltron system carries many OEM approvals.

Deltron OptiCLEAR DC501
Deltron Hardeners DH710, DH720, DH730
Deltron Thinners DT810, DT820, DT830, DT840
Deltron Clear Accelerator Thinner DT850
Deltron Fade Out Thinner DT880
For painting of very flexible substrates: Deltron Flexibiliser DA210

Preparation of Substrate:

  • OptiCLEAR must be applied on top of a clean and dust-free Deltron Basecoat (the use of a clean tack rag is recommended to remove dust from the basecoat film).
  • Fully cured PPG Refinish Clearcoats that have been degreased and sanded.
  • Sound OEM Clearcoats that have been degreased and sanded.

Substrates other than those stated should be tested before use, to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for its intended use.

Mixing Ratio:

Standard Mode Accelerated Mode
DC501 - 2 vol DC501 - 2 vol
Hardener - 1 vol Hardener - 1 vol
Thinner - 0.15-0.5 vol Thinner - 0.15-0.5 vol

** Choose Hardener and Thinner according to application temperature and the size of the area being painted

Standard Mode Accelerated Mode
Hardener Thinner Hardener Thinner
Up to 18'C DH710 DT810 DHXXX DT850
18'C - 25'C DH720 DT820
Over 25'C DH730 DT830

For exceptional conditions of temperature and humidity (>35°C and >70%) the use of Extra Slow Thinner DT840 is recommended.


Standard Mode Accelerated Mode
3 hours at 25'C 1 hour at 25'C

Spray Viscosity: 19 - 22 secs DIN4 at 25'C

Spraygun Setup: 1.2 - 1.4mm

Spray Pressure:

HVLP / RP Conventional
2-3 bar 30-45 PSI / 200-300 PSI

Number of Coats: 1 medium closed coat; Followed by 1 full wet coat

Flash Off at 20'C:

Standard Mode Accelerated Mode
Between Coats 5-10 minutes 1-3 minutes
Before Baking Bake immediately Bake immediately

Drying Times:

Standard Mode Accelerated Mode
Dust-free 40 minutes 15 minutes
20'C dry to handle 6 hours minimum 3 hours
Through-dry 20'C 20 hours 5 hours
Through-dry 65'C 30 minutes 20 minutes
IR Short Wave 10-15 minutes depending on colour 10-15 minutes depending on colour

Bake times are for quoted metal temperature. Additional time should be allowed in the baking schedule to allow metal to reach recommended temperature.

Use slow thinner (DT830) when curing with IR equipment.

Total Dry Film Build: Minimum 50um | Maximum 60um

Theoretical Coverage: 7 - 7.5 m sq/L - ready to spray, giving 50um dry film thickness

Flash Points:
DH Hardeners: See PPG SDS
DT Thinners: See PPG SDS

Overcoat/Recoat Time:
Sanding: Essential before recoating to ensure good adhesion: P400-P500 (dry) - P800 (wet)

Force dry 60'C or IR - After cooling
Air dry at 20'C - Minimum 12 hours

Overcoat/Repair with: Deltron Primers or Deltron Topcoats


Low Bake or IR force drying: Minimum 1 hour after cooling
Air drying at 20'C Minimum 20 hours after application

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