Dulon Mixed Colour | 2 Litre

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A high opacity acrylic lacquer topcoat which requires minimal compounding to provide a full depth gloss finish. It has excellent adhesion over correctly prepared original finishes and PPG acrylic lacquer primers.


Substrates and Preparation:

Dulon Solid Colour can be applied over suitably prepared:

  • Original sound paint finishes except spraying enamel
  • 1K CT Etch Primer over-coated with any PPG acrylic lacquer primer
  • Any PPG acrylic lacquer primer


Dulon Thinner 922-34178
Retarder 922-05158


Mixing Ratio:
Dulon Solid Colour (526- range) 1 part
Thinner 1-1.5 parts


Spray Viscosity:
12 - 14 seconds (DIN 4) at 25'C


Spraygun Settings:

Conventional HVLP
Gravity 1.5 - 1.8mm 1.4 - 1.6mm
Suction 1.8 - 2.0mm
Spray Pressure 300 - 380 kPa 10psi at cap (70kPa)



Apply 4-6 single coats, Air flash between coats.

For spot repairs, extend each coat well beyond the edge of the previous coat. Thin a further 50% with Dulon Thinner when blending out.


Flash Off (at 25'C): 2-3 minutes between coats.


Drying Times: Air Dry at 25'C
Dust Free: 10 - 15 minutes at 25'C
Compound: 6 hours at 25'C
Drying times will need to be extended under cooler conditions.


Denibbing and Polishing:
Allow at least 6 hours air dry, preferably overnight drying before compounding.

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