LVC-136 En-V Performance Clearcoat 5 Litre

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En-V Performance Clearcoat is a premium Ultra High Solids polyurethane clearcoat specifically formulated for use as a premium re-spray clear over ENVIROBASE High Performance basecoat. However, when used in conjunction with LVT-444, the single visit application mode and 15 minute bake time can be utilised. 



En-V Performance Clearcoat LVC-136
Low VOC Hardener LVH-320
Low VOC Thinners LVT-430, LVT-420, LVT-410
Low VOC Clearcoat Accelerator Thinner LVT-444


Application Guide: 

Mixing Ratio

Product Parts
LVC-136 3 volume
LVH-320 1 volume
LVT-4XX Thinner 0.6 - 1 volume

Thinner choice is dependant on temperature and the size of the area being coated.
NOTE: Where the temperature exceeds 35'C LVT-405 must be used

As is usual with UHS type clearcoats, cold product temperatures can lead to difficult application and overspray absorption. To avoid this it is recommended that ready for use product is applied at above 15'C


Hardener and Thinner Selection:

System Hardener Thinner Bake Time
Express  LVH-320 LVT-444 15 mins at 60'C
Standard  LVH-320 LVT-410 25 mins at 60'C
Up to 35'C LVH-320 LVT-420 or LVT-410 25 mins at 60'C
Standard (above 35'C) LVH-320 LVT-405 25 mins at 60'C

The choice of thinner is made relevant to the application temperature, air movement and the size of the area being clearcoated.

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