Neutra Rust 30mL

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The beauty of Neutra rust is that it can be applied over rust (in fact in has to be applied over rust!) This means that surface preparation is kept to a minimum - and so are costs. Flaky rust and paint should be removed by scraper or wire brush. this is the best product sold in nz for rust removal / rust treatment.

It is important to leave the surface rust behind as this is necessary for the unique chemical reaction. Any oils, acids or chemicals should be removed by detergent washing. 

Pour sufficient Neutra Rust into a separate container (to avoid contaminating the bottle contents). Remember, as a guide, 1 litre of Neutra Rust will cover approximately 8 - 10 square metres. Apply to rusty surface by brush or roller and watch for the change in colour from white to blue. At this stage the chemical reaction is taking place and Neutra Rust can be worked in\' gently. That\'s it! It really is as simple as that!

As you brushed in the Neutra Rust, it changed from white to blue, it will now change to black, as it dries. This is the final process of the reaction and the treated area will dry to a semi gloss black finish in 10-20 minutes, depending on temperature and conditions. During the reaction cycle, the product has chemically bonded with the rusted surface to fix the existing rust and protect against further corrosion indefinitely, provided that the surface remains unbroken. The surface can be over painted with most other paint systems, with Neutra Rust acting as the primer coat. Try a test area first, to ensure compatibility.

If Neutra Rust is to be left as the top coat, a second or third coat is recommended. A unique feature of Neutra Rust is that this amazing process takes places without the use of acids or lead. In fact Neutra Rust is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable. 

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