310 Speed Cut Compound 3kg

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ROAR Polishing - ROAR310

  • Removes P1500 sanding marks
  • Produces a high gloss finish
  • Easy to clean and wipe the compound
  • White Paste Compound
  • New Formulation effective on 420 HS

1. Sand with P1500 or finer. After sanding, clean the surface and make sure the area is free from dust and contamination.

2. Make sure compounding head is cleaned by using a spurring brush.

3. Add a suitable amount of compound to the surface.

4. Before switching on the polishing machine, spread the compound evenly on the surface.

5. Run the machine at 800rpm for the 1st pass.

6. Speed the polishing machine up to 1500-1800rpm.

7. Move the polishing machine in one direction with 50% overlap then change direction.

8. Keep the compounding head damp by spraying a mist of water from a spray bottle.

9. Check sanding marks have been removed, then wipe clean with a Microfibre Cloth. If sanding marks are still visable repeat steps 3-9.

  • Suitable Paint Type: Medium Solids
  • Removes P1500 Sanding Marks
  • Applicator: Compounding Foam RCF
  • One step removal of sanding marks to produce a High Gloss finish

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