SU408 Bodykleen 5 Litre

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A solvent and detergent cleaner which will remove most water and some solvent based contaminants from vehicle finishes prior to sanding. Ideal for cleaning of plastic substrates, removal of sanding sludge and neutralising chemically stripped surfaces.

Bumper bars, Normal traffic film: Bodykleen 1 Part; Water 4 Parts.

Heavy oil, Grease, Silicone polishes, Plastic, Mould release agents: Bodykleen 1 Part; Water 1 Part.

Application: Apply mixed Bodykleen to panel with Spray atomiser bottle, Mirlon pad, brush, sponge, or cloth. Leave on surface for a few minutes. Do not allow to dry on surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


1. Do not allow the Bodykleen mixture to dry on surface. Keep off plastic parts not being painted.

2. Repeat cleaning procedure on plastics to remove mould release agents.

3. Use only recommended PPG products.

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