SU4903 Advance Plastic Bond 1 Litre

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SUA4903 Advance Plastic Bond is a ready for use plastic primer that utilises PPG Nano Adhesion technology that is designed to deliver superior adhesion to all common automotive plastic substrates.

Advanced Plastic Bond may be overcoated with any PPG premium topcoat system, flexibilised if necessary. Thoroughly clean and abrade all surfaces to be painted with a mixture 1 part Bodykleen and 4 parts water using and medium grade abrasive pad. Rinse with clean water and dry. Do not allow Bodykleen and water mixture to dry out on surface. Re-clean the surface using Plastpak Universal Cleaner or D846 Degreasing Agent. For Plastics use a clean cloth dampened with the product to apply and a clean dry cloth to remove.

Number of coats: 1 thin coat

Drying Times: Dust-free - 5 minutes. Total Dry Film Build Approx 5 mm, Theoretical Coverage 6msq per Litre. Overcoat/Recoat Time: Minimum 5 minutes; Maximum 1 hour - if left longer the product should re-coated with itself. Overcoat with Any PPG 2K primer or topcoat, flexibilised if necessary.

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