MiniSpot Welding Machine

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This professional auto body stud welder kit is a great entry level kit suitable for both beginners and experts. This kit features a powerful welder in a starter kit. Use this kit as a base, to complete technical jobs. An excellent tool and easy to use.

This kit includes:

1 x Stud Welder Gun 1 x Multi-function Slide Hammer 200 x 2.5mm Copper Nails 200 x 2.00mm Copper Nails 1 x Nail Electrode 1 x Nail Lock (inner) 1 x Nail Lock (outer) 1 x Shrinking Electrode 1 x Meson Electrode 1 x Twist Ring Electrode 1 x 6-hook Claw Puller 1 x Wavy Wire Electrode 20 x Wavy Wire 50 x Meson Twist Rings 50 x Straight Washers

Ideal workshops & home repairs, mainly for pulling sunken locations back to a relatively flush surface.

Handheld with a weight of 4.5kg

Input Voltage: 220V - 50/60Hz

Input Power: 800VA

Maximum Current: 1600A

Certification: CE ISO

Welder Weight - 4.5kg

Total Package Weight - 12.5kg

Warranty - 6 months from date of purchase


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