200mm Double Sided Wool Pad

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The Fast Cut of Wool with a Fine Finish.

For auto body compounding and buffing applications, Wool Compounding Pads feature fast-cutting wool abrasive  or attaining flawless finishes on clear coat, paint and the latest composite surfaces. This pad works effortlessly with types of compounds & polishing systems for a variety of jobs including the removal of compound swirl marks and fine paint surface defects.

The double-sided pad features a stiff, durable center hub that supports the wool abrasives during flat or aggressive compounding procedures. Its 100 percent untwisted wool yarn construction features looser, more spread-out fibers. This creates a fuller pad for good handling across larger surface areas. The screw-on pad attaches easily to  orbital sanders and other power tools.

Recommended Applications:

  • Use with all types of Compound.
  • Cured paint.
  • Fresh paint finishes
  • Hardest paint finishes
  • Medium paint finishes
  • Sand scratch removal
  • Scratch removal

M14 Thread

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