2k Racing Blue 3.75L (#147)

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2K Racing Blue 3.75LT

A high quality two pack acrylic urethane topcoat that provides high gloss off the gun, excellent opacity, excellent appearance, hardness and durability. 

Preparation of Substrate:
2K Solid Colour can be applied over:

  • Sound existing paint finishes which have been degreased with Prepsol and sanded with P400 dry or P600 wet.
  • 2K Primer Fillers/Sealers 
  • Premium 1K Primer Filler when used for small spot repairs.
  • Do not apply 2K Solid Colour directly over etch primers.

Please note: Substrates other than those stated should be tested before use to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for its intended use.

Mixing By Volume:
426-line Colour - 2 vols
Hardener - 1 vol
Thinner - 10-20% vol 

Application: 2-3 medium, wet, even coats

Flash Off: 3-5 minutes between coats at 25'C 

Drying Times:
Air Dry: Handle able 12 hours at 25'C Polishing 24 hours at 25'C
Bake: 40 minutes at 65'C; Drying times will need to be extended under cooler conditions. Seek further advise before spraying.
Infra Red: Times will vary depending upon equipment. Refer to equipment supplier.

Technical Data: Total Dry Film Build: 45-60 microns with 2–3 coats

Overcoat/ Recoat Time:
Recoatable with itself within 1-2 hours

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