31pc Drill Brush, Pads & Attachments Set

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31 Piece Drill Brush Attachments Set, Scrub Pads & Sponge, Power Scrubber Brush with Extend Long Attachment All Purpose Cleaning Kit for Grout, Tiles, Sinks, Bathtub, Bathroom, Kitchen and Automobile

This cleaning brush contains 12 pieces of 4-inch scouring pads, 6 pieces of 4-inch sponges, 3* 2-inch brushes, 2* 3.5-inch brushes, 4 4-inch brushes, 1 *5-inch brush, and 14-inch stick Plate, 1*15CM connecting rod, and then a universal connecting rod (not including Drill)


  • White Bristle : Soft
  • Yellow and blue bristles: medium
  • Red bristles: hard
  • Black bristles: hard

Suitable for kitchen brush, bathroom scrubber, including: wheels, carpets, interior decoration, glass, leather, bathtub, shower, tiles, porcelain, stove, cabinet, counter, linoleum, hot tub, garage, drain, grill.

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