75mm Waterproof Sanding Discs P10000 25/Pack

Sale price$17.50


3 inch (75mm) silicon carbide sanding discs

Made of high quality silicon carbide and water proof sand paper. Prevent clogging, anti-static, good flexibility, wear resisting, that provides outstanding life and superior finishes.

Waterproof backing for wet sanding, minimizing scratches, prevent sandpaper from clogging with dust, removes loose abrasive particles and reduces airborne dust.

Fit for wood furniture finishing, automotive metal polishing, headlight polishing, mold surface precise sanding, lacquer surface, mirror surface polishing.

Hook and loop backing easy for quick change sanding discs. 3 Inch diameter, Which is suitable for most kinds of rotary tools, such as die grinders, air grinders and electric drill.

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