80mm Hook it Discs Velcro 50/Box P1500

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Grit type: Blue-fired aluminium oxide/white aluminium oxide

Backing: Fibre-reinforced latex paper

High stock removal with good finish: Highly flexible and adaptable to contours

Long lifetime: Versatile all-round product with an attractive range of options


  • Sanding off of coatings and impurities
  • Sanding out of unevenness at the edges of repaired surfaces
  • Flatting of body filler and primer filler
  • Fine sanding of primer filler
  • Keying of old and new varnishes
  • Removal of orange-peel effect and dust inclusions

Material-main Application:
Colour, Primer filler, Body filler, Varnish, Old lacquer, Primer coat, Epoxy primer coat, Cathodic dip primer coat, Plastics, Acrylic glass (Plexiglass), Gelcoat polyester, Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), Composite, Aluminium, Steel.

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