Autothane CV CT Silver 1 Litre

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Autothane CV is a 2 Pack Polyurethane Topcoat suitable for use in the industrial and commercial transport markets. It is quick drying and gives a tough, high gloss finish with a fast into service and tape free time. This product range can produce approximately 6000 popular colours.

Autothane CV can be applied over the following substrates:

  • Original factory finish or works primer
  • Suitable 1K and 2K Primer Surfacers

Careful preparation of substrates will ensure a top quality finish.
Wet or Dry paper P600-800. Mirka Dry Machine Sanding P280-320 Mirka.
The preparation levels quoted should be used for colour on colour work if optimum appearance is desired.

Products: 412- Line Autothane CV 2 Pack Topcoat
980-49641 4:1 Hardener
980-57645 2:1 Extra Gloss Hardener
980-49879 4:1 Slow Hardener
920-49499 Normal Thinner
920-49502 Slow Thinner

Mixing Ratio:
Autothane CV 412-line: 4:1 Option 4 vols | 2:1 Extra Gloss Option 2 vols
Autothane CV Hardener*: 4:1 Option 1 vol | 2:1 Extra Gloss Option 1 vol
Autothane CV Thinner*: 4:1 Option 20-40% | 2:1 Extra Gloss Option 10-20%

* Choose Hardener and Thinner according to application temperature and size of vehicle:

4:1 Hardener 2:1 Extra Gloss Hardener Thinner
Up to 18'C 980-49641 980-57645 920-49499 Normal
18'C - 25'C 980-49641 980-57645 920-49499 Normal
25'C - 35'C 980-49879 Slow 980-57645 920-49502 Slow
Over 35'C 980-49879 Slow 980-57645 920-49502 Slow

Potlife at 25'C: 4:1 Option 5 hours @ 25'C | 2:1 Extra Gloss Option 4 hours @ 25'C

Spray Viscosity: 4:1 Option 15-18 seconds DIN4 @ 25'C | 2:1 Extra Gloss Option 12-16 seconds DIN4 @ 25'C

Spraygun Setup: Gravity Feed 1.3 - 1.5mm | Suction Feed 1.4 - 1.8mm
Spray Pressure: 315-455 Kpa 45–65 psi

Number of Coats: 2-3 single coats to give a dry film build of 45-60 microns

Flash Off at 25'C:
Between coats: 10 minutes minimum
Before stoving: Bake immediately

Drying Times:
Dust-free @ 25'C: 10-20 minutes
Thorough dry at 65'C: 40 minutes*
*Stoving times are for quoted metal temperature. Additional time should be allowed in the stoving schedule to allow metal to reach recommended temperature.

Total Dry Film Build: Minimum 45 µm | Maximum 60 µm

Sanding: Grade Wet P600 - P800 | Grade Dry P320 - P400

Recoat Time: After stoving for 40 minutes @ 65'C when cool, or overnight air dry @ 25'C. Surfaces which have been polished must be sanded prior to recoating.

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