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150mm Round Soft Sanding Block
150mm Velcro Palm Sanding Block
17pc Eraser Wheel Decal Removal Kit
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200mm Stick It DIsc P40
Total Bodyshop Supplies 200mm Stick It DIsc P40
Sale price$1.00 Regular price$2.90
5in Black Rubber Block
SAR 5in Black Rubber Block
Sale price$9.06
5in Yellow PU Sanding Block
75mm Soft Hand Sanding Block
Back Up Pad 150mm 15H Velcro
Back Up Pad 150mm 52H Velcro
Black Sanding Block 200mm x 70mm
Caramel Eraser Wheel Notched
Dry Guide Coat Refill 150g
Dry Guide Coat with Applicator 150g
Dustless Sanding Board 125mm
Dustless Sanding Board 200mm
Dustless Sanding Board 230mm x 115mm
Dustless Sanding Board 400mm
Eraser Wheel with Threaded Spindle and Adaptor
Flexi Sanding Block
AIRPRO Flexi Sanding Block
Sale price$14.68
Holey Flexi Sanding Block
MBX Curved Wire Wheel Coarse
MBX Curved Wire Wheel Normal
MBX Straight Wire Wheel Fine
Plastic Sanding Block with Clips 163 x 86mm

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