Dry Time Accelerator 8oz

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POR-15 Dry Time Accelerator is an additive specially formulated for use with POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating. Dry Time Accelerator is designed to accelerate the cure time of POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating by 30-50% without affecting the ultimate physical properties. Developed to allow for a more efficient production environment, Dry Time Accelerator reduces recoat and dry time and enables you to move on to the next phase faster, without compromising product performance.

The accelerator is added to POR-15 Rust Preventive by volume and should be thoroughly mixed. Once mixed in typically the cure time of the POR-15 Rust Preventive is reduced by 30-50%.

Important: Adding the accelerator drastically reduces the cure time (time you have to apply to your substrate) and under humid and warmer conditions the dry time is significantly quicker.

One 8oz. bottle is enough for 32 quarts or 8 gallons (30 Litres) of POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating.

If mixing a smaller amount than a quart then recommended use is mixing 5 drops per 30g.

Size: 8oz = 236mL

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