WIPE NEW RainBrella

WIPE NEW RainBrella


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RainBrella by Wipe New is an umbrella for your windshield. This long lasting treatment repels natures worst elements - water, mud, dirt and more - from exterior glass surfaces. Wipe New RainBrella is great for use on additional automotive glass surfaces such as side mirrors, side windows and rear windows. 

  • Increases visibility and safety when driving in poor weather conditions
  • Crystal clear, haze-free formula
  • Easy wipe on, wipe off application
  • Contains 2 pre-saturated Wipe-It pads infused with RainBrella

For Best Results: RainBrella is to be used on exterior glass surfaces only. Clean the glass surface with a glass cleaner to remove any contaminates from the surface. Follow the cleaner instructions for best results.

NOTE: RainBrella is not recommended for use on plastic surfaces. 

Size: 1.5 oz. kit