D969 Trace Yellow Oxide 1 Litre

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The Deltron BC system consists of high opacity solid, metallic and Pearl / mica colours. Deltron BC is designed for the repair of vehicles originally finished in a basecoat / clearcoat system. Used in conjunction with a recommended PPG repair system, Deltron BC meets or exceeds the performance requirements of motor manufacturer paint system warranties. As part of the Deltron Global Refinish System, Deltron BC carries a large number of OEM approvals.

Deltron Global Base Coat Tinters D7xx, D9xx, D9xxx
Deltron Thinners DT810, DT820, DT830, DT840 
Deltron MS Hardener DH720
For matt, satin and textured finishes: 
Deltron Texture Additive D843 to create a fine textured ‘suede’ effect 
Deltron Leather Grain Additive D844 to create a coarser, more pronounced textured finish 

Preparation of Substrate:
PPG 2K primers - P500 dry / P800 wet 
Electrocoat - Preprime; Do not topcoat direct
Sound 2K finishes - P500 dry / P800 wet 
TPA - P500 dry / P800 wet - Must be sealed (e.g. D834) 
Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased using D845 or D837. Use D837 only, prior to painting.

Application Guide:

Standard BC - BC 1 vol : Thinner 1 vol

Activated BC - BC 7 vol : DH720 1 vol : Thinner 8 vol

NOTE: DELTRON BC (Basecoat) activation may be necessary in cases, such as high film builds (i.e. more than four coats), commercial vehicles, motorbikes, or wheel painting where a higher impact resistance is necessary. This applies to PPG Custom finishes within the Vibrance collection, such as Harlequin, Radiance ll Candy, Prizmatique and 3-layer finishes.

Choose Thinner according to application temperature and repair area size:

Up to 18'C DT810
18'C - 25'C DT820
Over 25'C DT830

For exceptional conditions of temperature and humidity (>35'C or >70%) Extra Slow Thinner DT840 may be used in BC

Uncatalysed (no hardener): No Limit
Catalysed (with hardener): 6 hours

Spray Viscosity: 15 secs DIN4 at 20'C

Spray Gun Setup: 1.3 - 1.4mm

Spray Pressure:

HVLP / RP Conventional
1.3 -1.8 bar / 20 - 25 PSI 1.8 - 2.5 bar / 25 - 35 PSI

Number of Coats: 2-3 medium wet coats (+1 light control coat for metallics if required)

Flash Off at 25'C
Between Coats: 5-10 minutes
Before Clearcoat: 15 minutes

Drying Times at 20'C
Tape Time Standard BC: 15 minutes
Tape Time Activated BC: 30 minutes

Total Dry Film Build:
Minimum 10um
Maximum 25um

Theoretical Coverage*: 3.5 - 7m²/L ready-to-spray
*Assuming 100% transfer efficiency and dry film thickness as indicated

Flash Points:
BC Colour - Refer PPG MSDS 
DH Hardeners & DT Thinners - Refer PPG MSDS

Grade damp - To remove minor defects in Deltron BC, de-nib after 20 minutes flash-off using fine sand paper (P800 - P1200 or P1000 Abralon damp) followed by more base coat prior to the clearcoat application. Use damp fine sandpaper only and avoid using excessive water when de-nibbing.

Note: Do not wet sand large areas of Deltron BC basecoat. Wet sanding can lead to excessive water absorption by the basecoat and can downgrade the mechanical properties of the system particularly in the subsequent topcoats.

Overcoat/Recoat Time:
Activated - 15 minutes minimum prior to clearcoat application 
Unactivated - 12 hours maximum prior to clearcoat application 
After 12 hours Deltron BC has to be re-applied prior to clearcoat application

Overcoat with: Any approved PPG Global clearcoat

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