DP602 PrimaPRIME 4 Litre

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Replacement product for D839 Prima


Deltron DP602 PrimaPRIME is a G3 shade grey 2K primer-surfacer suitable for a wide range of day-today repair work in the refinish bodyshop. Versatile, quick-drying, easy to apply and sand, it offers excellent corrosion resistance, film build, surface levelling and gloss holdout over a wide range of substrates.

PrimaPRIME may be applied directly to sound original paintwork, polyester bodyfillers and suitable adhesion primers. It may be directly overcoated with Deltron Basecoat or Deltron Direct Gloss.

By simple adjustment of the thinning ratio, PrimaPRIME may be applied as a conventional primer surfacer, as a high-build spray filler and as a wet-on-wet surfacer. PrimaPRIME may be air-dried, lowbaked or IR cured.

PrimaPRIME may be tinted as necessary with up to 10% by volume of Deltron DG colour.



Deltron PrimaPRIME: DP602
Deltron Hardeners: DH710, DH720, DH730
Deltron Thinners: DT810, DT820, DT830, DT840, DT860
For flexibilising: DA210 Flexibiliser


Preparation of Substrate:

  • Bare steel, Galvanised steel, Zintec: Must be pre-primed (eg DP612, DP614)
  • Aluminium and alloys: Must be pre-primed (eg DP612)
  • Electropaint, Aged painted surfaces: P320-P400 (dry) / P400-P600 (wet)
  • GRP, Fiber-Glass: P320 (dry)
  • Polyester filler: P120-P180 (high-build version)
  • Featheredge of repair: P240-P320 (dry)

Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreassed with D845 or D837.


Application Guide:

PrimaPRIME can be mixed to create 4 different options according to the requirements of the refinisher:

  1. 5:1 with Deltron Hardeners for optimum film build as a Sprayfiller.
  2. 5:1:1 with Deltron Hardener and thinner as a primer surfacer.
  3. 5:1:1 with DT860 Primer Accelerator Thinner for rapid airdry and low-bake of small repairs
  4. A normal wet-on-wet option activated and thinned at a 5:1:2.5 mix ratio (Do not use DT860 Primer Accelerator Thinner in this mode) 


Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
DP602 5 vol DP602 5 vol DP602 5 vol
Hardener 1 vol Hardener 1 vol Hardener 1 vol
Thinner 0 - 0.5 vol Thinner 1 vol Thinner 2.5 vol

DP602 PrimaPRIME may be tinted by adding of up to 10% by volume of Deltron DG tinter or mixed DG colour prior to addition of hardener and thinner.

Note: Spray filler mode will require 0.5 part thinner if rolling, IR Curing or Baking.

Hardener and Thinner Selection:

Hardener Thinner
Up to 18'C DH710 DT810
18'C - 25'C DH720 DT820
25'C - 35'C DH730 DT830
Over 35'C DH730 DT840



Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
30 minutes minimum 1 hour minimum
(30 mins if using DT860)
1 hour minimum


Spray Viscosity:

Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
40-60 secs DIN at 25'C 20-25 secs DIN at 25'C 15-18 secs DIN at 25'C


Spraygun Setup:

Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
Gravity: 1.8mm 1.6 - 1.8mm 1.3 - 1.4mm
Suction: 1.8 - 2mm 1.8mm 1.8mm

Spray Pressure: 2-3 bar / 30-45 PSI


Number of Coats:

Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
Up to a maximum of 4 2-3 coats 1-2 coats


Flash Off at 20'C:

Between coats: 5-10 minutes
Before stoving: Bake immediately


Drying Times:

Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
Dust-free at 20'C 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes
Through-dry at 20'C 4 hours 3 hours
(1 hour if using DT860)
Sandable after 2 hours air drying at 20'C
Through-dry at 60'C 30 minutes
Spray filler mode will require 0.5 part thinner if baking
30 minutes
(20 mins if using DT860)
Through-dry with IR medium 20 minutes
Spray filler mode will require 0.5 part thinner if curing
20 minutes N/A

Baking time required once metal reaches the quotes temperature. Baking schedule should allow additional time for metal to reach this temperature.


Technical Data

Spray Filler Mode Primer Surfacer Mode Wet on Wet Surfacer
Total Dry Film Build:
Minimum 130um 40um 15um
Maximum 170um 80um 30um
Theoretical Coverage: approx. 2m sq/L approx. 6m sq/L approx. 12m sq/L


Flash Points: DH Hardeners, DT Thinners, DG tinter and mixed colour: See PPG SDS



Grade dry: P240 followed by P400-P500
Grade wet: P400 followed by P600-P800


Overcoat with: Any Deltron topcoat


Performance Guidelines:

When spot priming with PrimaPRIME as a Spray Filler / Primer Surfacer, adopt the following procedure:

  1. Ensure that the surface is thoroughly sanded to the panel edge, breakline or to a distance 15 centimetres beyond the feathered edge area, whichever is the smaller.
  2. Apply the first coat to the entire area to be primed then apply subsequent coats inside the previous coat allowing the correct flash-off times between coats. (This avoids building up an edge and trapping dry spray.)
  3. Allow to dry as normal, then be careful to thoroughly level the repair edge when sanding. Do not attempt spot repair on original or refinish TPA, lacquer or 1K finishes.
  4. DT860 Primer Accelerator Thinner may be used in air dry mode in PrimaPRIME.
  5. Do not use DT860 Primer Accelerator Thinner if the primer is to be baked or cured with IR lamps or if higher ambient temperature curing conditions are likely to be experienced.
  6. PrimaPRIME and its ancillaries are sensitive to moisture, so all equipment must be perfectly dry. Where humidity is in the range 70-80%, use of DT840 Extra Slow Thinner is recommended. Do not attempt to use PrimaPRIME at humidity levels exceeding 80%.
  7. To ensure maximum adhesion and impact resistance, PrimaPRIME must be topcoated within 72 hours of application. After this time it should be sanded and recoated with itself

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