DP620 PrimaSEAL 4 Litre

DP620 PrimaSEAL 4 Litre


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Replacement product for D847 Scansealer


DP620 PrimaSEAL is ideal for the rapid repainting of sound original substrates.

PrimaSEAL is a transparent sealer, with its filling properties promoting excellent gloss holdout of 2K topcoats over a range of substrates. These include OE finishes, sound aged paint surfaces, and non-synthetic primer-surfacers.

For the repainting of Electrocoat, OE or other sound paintwork, PrimaSEAL will also perform as a simple adhesion promoter, eliminating the requirement to detail sand the substrate.

PrimaSEAL can be used wet-on-wet with Deltron DG, BC topcoat, and since it is transparent it is especially suited to respray work, avoiding the need for long and delicate masking around doorshuts, panel edges etc. PrimaSEAL may be tinted with up to 10% by volume with Deltron DG tinter.



Deltron PrimaSEAL DP620
Deltron Hardeners DH710, DH720, DH730
Deltron Thinners DT810, DT820, DT830, DT840


Preparation of Substrate:

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
Bare Steel Must be preprimed Must be preprimed (eg DP612, DP614)
Galvanized Steel Must be preprimed Must be preprimed (eg DP612, DP614)
Zintec Must be preprimed Must be preprimed (eg DP612, DP614)
Aluminium & alloys Must be preprimed Must be preprimed (eg DP612)
Electropaint D837 / Red Scouring Pad D837 / Red Scouring Pad
Aged Painted Surfaces P400-P500 (dry) / P400-P600 (wet) Clean thoroughly (light abrasion on difficult areas)
Primed Surfaces P400-P500 (dry) / P600-P800 (wet)

Electrocoat, Sound OE or existing paintwork should simply be cleaned thoroughly with red Mirlon and D837 using a wipe on wipe off method. Areas susceptible to stonechip damage, leading edges, wheel arches or sills, for example, will benefit from additional adhesion if abraded thoroughly with a red scouring pad.

Prior and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased using D845 for the 1st clean, and D837 for the 2nd clean.


Application Guide:

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
DP620 3 vols DP620 3 vols
Hardener 1 vol Hardener 1 vol
Thinner 1 vol Thinner 2 vols

Hardener and Thinner Selection:

Hardener Thinner
Up to 18'C DH710 DT810
18'C - 25'C DH720 DT820
25'C - 35'C DH730 DT830
Over 35'C DH730 DT840

PrimaSEAL may be tinted by addition of up to 10% by volume of Deltron DG tinter or uncatalysed mixed DG colour prior to addition of hardener and thinner.

When overcoating PrimaSEAL wet-on-wet with Deltron DG or Deltron BC and Clearcoat, it is important to use the same or a slower hardener in the topcoat as used for the application of PrimaSEAL.


Potlife at 20'C:

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
4.5 hours 8 hours


Spray Viscosity:

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
18-20 secs DIN4 at 20'C 14 secs DIN4 at 20'C


Spraygun Setup: Gravity 1.3 - 1.6mm | Suction 1.6 - 1.8mm

Spray Pressure: 2-4 bar / 30-60 PSI


Number of Coats: 2 medium wet


Flash Off at 20'C:

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
Between coats 10 minutes 5 minutes
Before wet-on-wet topcoat application 15 minutes 10-15 minutes


Drying Times:

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
Dust-free at 20'C 15 minutes 15 minutes
Through-dry at 20'C Overnight Overnight
Through-dry at 60'C 45 minutes 40 minutes
Through-dry with IR Medium 5 minutes 5 minutes


Technical Data

Sealer Adhesion Promoter
Total Dry Film Build
Minimum 30um 10um
Maximum 60um 30um
Theoretical Coverage approx 12m sq/L approx 24m sq/L


Flash Points:

DH Hardeners, DT Thinners, DG tinter and mixed colour - See PPG SDS
D845, D837 - See PPG SDS



In normal use it is not necessary to sand this product. Use P400 grade (dry) or P600 –800 (wet) if required.


Overcoat / Recoat Time:

Overcoat without sanding within 24 hours of application. In order to ensure good adhesion if left longer than 24 hours, or in order to remove dirt or defects, PrimaSEAL may be sanded after it has through dried.

Overcoat with: Any PPG Deltron Topcoat. See ‘Hardener Selection’ above for choice of topcoat hardener.


Performance Guidelines:

  • Do not use 1K, synthetic or cellulose topcoat over PrimaSEAL.
  • If required, PrimaSEAL may be coloured with up to 10% by volume of Deltron DG Tinter. Select only Deltron DG Tinter, and do not exceed this mix ratio. Additional thinner may be required in order to achieve correct application viscosity.
  • Deltron Accelerator thinners should not be used in PrimaSEAL.
  • Technical tip: Small dust nibs may be sanded through the Deltron basecoat one it has flashed off, rather than waiting for the PrimaSEAL to through dry