DP621 PrimaGUARD G1 4 Litre

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PrimaGUARD is designed on the latest primer technology and can be used to optimise the priming process when used in combination with Deltron Basecoat. It is designed to deliver a high quality final appearance through a non sand process that is equivalent to a sanded primer. Excellent application, very smooth flow and superb holdout properties are at the core of this product’s performance.

Due to the excellent adhesion characteristics of PrimaGUARD, no sanding of sound OE electrocoat is required, providing a very fast new panel painting process. PrimaGUARD can be coated with colour after flash off or left uncoated for up to 24 hours (at 20°C) with no sanding before topcoating with Deltron Basecoat. This allows new parts to be primed in batches in advance with minimal preparation ready for the topcoating process with the rest of the vehicle.

The strong adhesion and anti-corrosion characteristics mean that small rub throughs on electrocoated panels do not require the use of an etch primer before PrimaGUARD is applied.



Deltron PrimaGUARD DP621, DP625, DP627
Deltron Hardener DH710, DH720
Deltron Thinners DT860, DT830


Preparation of Substrate:

  • Well cleaned unsanded Electrocoat
  • Bare Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminium Up to 10cm diameter without the need for an Epoxy Primer
  • Aged painted and original surfaces sanded with P320 or finer
  • GRP, Fibreglass after final sanding with P320
  • Polyester body filler after final sanding with P320

Note: For areas of bare metal above 10cm in diameter DP616 EpoxyTHANE may be used in standard mode or Wet-On-Wet prior to the application of PrimeGUARD. DO NOT apply PrimaGUARD over DP612 or any acid etch. DO NOT apply over SUA 1K Epoxy Primers unless COMPLETELY dry

Make sure all surfaces are de-greased, clean and dry before priming


Mixing Ratio % to achieve Greymatic Shades:

DP621 G1 (White) - DP625 G5 (Grey) and DP627 G7 (Dark Grey) can be mixed together to create G3 and G6 colours. Please follow the chart below to mix your choice of colour before adding hardener & thinner. DO NOT TINT WITH DG Tinters. This will cause adhesion issues.

G1 G3 G5 G6 G7
DP621 100% 75%
DP625 25% 100% 48%
DP627 52% 100%


Mixing Ratio by Volume:

Product Parts
PrimaGUARD 2 volume
Deltron Hardener 1 volume
DT860 Primer Accelerator Thinner 0.5 volume Up to 30'C
DT830 Slow Thinner when overnight or batch priming 0.5 volume Over 30'C


Potlife @ 20'C: 20 - 30 minutes at 20'C


Spray Viscosity @ 20'C: 16 - 18 seconds (DIN4)


Spraygun Setup: 1.3mm - 1.4mm

Spray Pressure:
HVLP / RP 1.6 - 2 bar
Conventional 45-55 PSI / 160-200 KPA


Wet-On-Wet Application Guide:

PrimaGUARD should be filtered through a fine paint strainer and then applied in an even wet coat as if you were applying topcoat. Only one coat is required.

Note: PrimaGUARD can also be used for batch priming new parts. New parts pre primed with PrimaGUARD can be coated later without sanding for up to 24 hours(at 20°C). When spot priming, the use of SUA860 Blending Thinner will soften the blended edge of the primer. 

If leaving overnight or batchpriming, DO NOT USE DP860. Panels should be topcoated within 24 hours.


Number of Coats & Flash Off:

Apply one even wet coat
Flash Off 15 minutes
Turn booth spray temperature up during flash off
Apply Deltron basecoat after flash off

If batch priming parts, leave to air dry overnight or bake at 65'C for 30 minutes


Total Dry Film Build: 25 - 35um


Batch Priming Only:

Overcoat / Recoat Prep: Degrease (De-Nibb if required)

Overcoat / Recoat Time: Up to 24 hours without sanding (at 20'C)

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