Alligator Black Kit 1kg

Alligator Black Kit 1kg


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Alligator is a 2-pack 1kg Ute Liner Kit. 2K protective PU-based coating with high resistance to mechanical and chemical impact.

Black in colour. Easily applied by roller, brush or spray gun.

The product is used for improving the noise insulation and protection of metallic surfaces from corrosion, moisture, rust, abrasion and stone chips on paint coating. Remains permanently flexible.

Ultra chemical resistant, provides durable protection

Also suitable for protection of wood, plastic, fiberglass surfaces.

Ideally suited for applications to truck beds, trailers, hoppers, boats, off-road vehicles etc 

Buy as many or as few kits to suit the size of your tray.


  • ET/ALIG-075BL - 750g Black Coating
  • ET/ALIG-H025 - 250g Hardener Catalyst