3pc Foam Cone Polishing Set

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Used in automotive wheel polishing Taper design, easy on the uneven surface of the polishing wheel. Can be used repeatedly after cleaning, durable and environmentally friendly car care product

T80 Yellow Sponge Cone HEAVY CUTTING SPONGE PAD: can remove 1200/1500# sand-paper marks, deep scratches, over-painting, orange peel, and heavy oxide layer.

T60 Blue Sponge Cone LIGHTLY CUT SPONGE PAD: which can remove the slight scratches in the paint surface. It can be used with medium polishing agent to effectively remove the medium and light paint surface oxide layer.

T40 Orange Sponge Cone MEDIUM CUTTING SPONGE PAD: can remove the glare pattern left by the grinding, and is used together with the fine polishing agent to effectively remove the lacquer surface and the medium and heavy lacquer oxide layer

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