Dragon Pearl Red Purple Blue 30-100UM | Per Gram

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Dragon Pearl offers a full range of Pearlescent Pigments that can be used in Basecoats, 2K & Clearcoat Paints.

"The only limit is your Imagination"

Dragon Chameleon is a new level of sophistication with a creative colour shifting effect. It is a one of a kind experience as your angle of vision changes, so does the color. Along with unique colour changes,

High purity and excellent color saturation. It adds a totally new dimension to the eye-catching designs. Compare to other type of pearlescent pigments, the color shifts like rainbow when the angle changes.

Synthetic mica with particle size 30-100um. Each pigments show three different color shades. The best effect is seen when placed on a black or darker background. High glossy media will bring out the ultimate prismatic rainbow effect.

The speed shapes are BLACK, painted with transparent acrylic mixing 8% Prismatic pearl pigments .

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